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Multifunctional Facial Lifting and Toning Device 

This unique beauty device is an ergonomically shaped sonic face massager that helps to refresh your face by targeting the most problematic areas, including your forehead, eye area, brows, liplines, cheeks, and chin. 

It utilizes microcurrent technology with yellow light for facial stimulation, radiofrequency with red light for collagen regeneration, and cryotherapy with blue light for acne clearance and puffiness.

Main features of the facial lifting and toning device:

  • Adjustable Radiofrequency Technology (2 levels)

  • Adjustable Micro-current Technology (2 levels)

  • Light Therapy (Yellow, Red, Blue)

  • CryotherapyTherapy (Cooling Therapy)

  • Intelligent time control

  • Ergonomically Design from Japan

Lead time for production

  • For small trial order 5-15 days 
  • For private label 25-35 days
  • For customize design 2-3 months

Note: For small trial order, we won't be able to customize the packaging and print logo on the device. You will receive the order with neutral packaging and device.   


Warranty: 1-year warranty. We will replace any defects with new devices as long as the warranty is still valid. ​


4 Functionalities in One

This device leverages microcurrent waves to stimulate ATP production which drives the creation of collagen and gives you an improved, lifted appearance. 

The Radiofrequency promotes collagen regeneration, skin feels firmer and more elastic after each use.   

The embedded Cryotherapy also called "cooling therapy" helps diminish pores, depuff and energize the skin. 

The device also has built-in Light Therapy with blue, red, and yellow lighting on each setting

​It is recommended to use this device twice a week, and 8 minutes each use for glowing and healthy skin. 



This silicone facial cleansing brush not only offers you the gentlest wat of facial cleansing, but the breakthrough thermotherapy with massaging magnesium will depuff eye bags and removal dark circles in minutes! 

Product Specifications

I want to test the market with a small trial order!

I have a successful brand and ready to private label your device! 

I have a brand new idea and ready to design my own product!

Request A Sample for Testing
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