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For too long, professional-level salon treatments have been the privilege of the wealthy few. Everyone deserves a chance to feel better and look better. That's why our team creates highly advanced home-use beauty devices at sensible prices for all.

We have gone from just 3 members who teamed up at a small office in Shenzhen China in 2011, to a company with 3 branches in China, the United States, and Japan in the past 10 years.


Millions of BOLVA designed beauty devices are sold worldwide through our distributors, Private Label, and ODM programs. 


From R&D to manufacturing, we have what it takes to change the beauty world. 

Our Mission

A home-use beauty device in every home.

Our Mission

We know the importance of a healthy skincare routine.

We design the right beauty devices for everyone to do an at-home facial. 

Our Culture

At BOLVA, every team member is an inventor and innovator.


We all share one thing in common. We love the fact that everything we do at BOLVA is changing the beauty world and making professional-level facial treatment accessible to everyone.

Our Customers

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And Many More...

Let's build a successful, long-lasting relationship together with our cutting-edge Research & Design and high-performing Manufacturing capability as your support.

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