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Ice Cooling Mini IPL Laser Hair Remover 

4th Generation Upgrade! In contrast with other hair removal devices, this device synchronize the hair removal with cold compression process. Built in 5C° cooling design can ease redness and provide a comfortable hair removal experience. Cooling care can ensure all treatments pain-free.  

This portable mini shaped permanent hair removal device uses imported high quality quartz lamp that is more durable and effective. We guarantee 500,000+ flashes which is equal to 15-20yrs of full body use.

Main features of the IPL Hair Remover:

  • 5C° Ice for painless experience

  • 360 Degree cooling treatment windown

  • 500,000+ Lamp Flashes

  • Imported Quartz Lamp

  • 0.8 sec fast speed flashing

  • Customizable UI

  • 5 adjustable intensities

  • Mini portable design

  • No replacement parts needed  

Lead time for production

  • For small trial order 5-15 days 
  • For private label 25-35 days
  • For customize design 2-3 months


Note: For small trial order, we won't be able to customize the packaging and print logo on the device. You will receive the order with neutral packaging and device.   


Warranty: 1-year warranty. We will replace any defects with new devices as long as the warranty is still valid. ​


Ice Cooling Hair Removal

360° Ice Cooling Protection

This device is equipped with 360° smart cooling system which will instantly reduce your skin temperature to as low as 5C° preventing your skin from over heating and burning. It also works independently after each treatment to help reduce pore size and tighten the skin. 

IPL Laser Hair Removal

With IPL technology, gentle pualses of light with wavelength between 470-1200nm are applied to the skin and absorbed by hair folicles which causes the hair follicles to shed naturally and turn to dormancy, leaving behind silky smooth skin.


500,000+ Flashes with Quartz Lamp

This device uses high qualtiy quartz lamp which is safer and long-lasting. Normal glass tube is more fragile and tend to break which will hurt the skin. With quartz tube, we guarantee 500,000+ flashes.

Objective studies show up to 96% hair reduction after only four weeks. Within the first 2 weeks, your hair will start to grow slower and finer. You will see the desired results after 4 weeks. To maintain your results, simply touch up every 4 weeks. 


Ice Cooling



Designed by physicians and crafted for optimal ease, our ice cooling IPL technology provides seamless and true pain-free hair removal every time. Effective, reliable removal of hair, while at the same time providing naturally enhanced skin, with a beautiful glow.